Finding Trudie

Cape Town Paranormal had received a story regarding the old Headmistress at Jan van Riebeeck School, who was apparently murdered on the school grounds back in 1934.

Naturally, CTPI's curiosity got the better of them and had the UrbX team follow up on the lead to chase the story of Gertruida de Waal.

Trudie, as she was affectionately known as, was born on the 29th February, 1892 in Kuilsriver, Cape Town. Her life tragically came to an end on December the 26th, 1934, (aged 42) when she was murdered on the school grounds. Whilst this is still an open case with UrbX, we have as of yet not been able to discern the reasons as to WHY she was murdered, and by whom, but it's believed she was initially buried in a shallow grave on the school grounds.

She was apparently never married, and did not have any children. Naturally, our next point of contact would be to try and contact her siblings...

We managed to track her final resting place down after much research and trawling through endless cemeteries, only to find that her siblings lay in the same family plot.

UrbX paid respects to Trudie, a story mostly forgotten with time, and one that had become urban legend with students and teachers alike.

Rest in Peace Trudie. Dank en Hulde.