So much around Cape Town is forgotten with time. Perhaps a lack of interest, perhaps secrets that have been lost through generations that have passed away. We chase these memories to give them new life. 


Stories handed down through families, history documented along time. Good or bad, we delve deeper to understand what has forged Cape Town into the city that it is today.


We are keen on adventure, and we'd like to share this with you. We may be silly at times, we may be scared at times, but we'll always remain true to our goals.




We enjoy exploring places of interest, documenting our trips and sharing the end result with you.


We enjoy shooting things. The older, the better. Capturing moments in time, documenting history. That's our thing.


For when photos just don't do a site justice. We look to explain the back story, and give you a first person perspective into our journeys.


The history of a site is told in many ways. It's up to us to get to the root of it all. From beginning, to end.


We believe it's in everybody's interests to preserve heritage and history. It's our responsibility to raise awareness for sites that face dereliction/abandonment. 


When we have to get involved, we have to get involved. It's as simple as that. The truth is more important.


For enquiries, exploration leads, or just general chit-chat, catch us on the details below:

Beach Rd, Green Point, 8005

Cape Town, South Africa

Phone: 082 357 8325